simondlr #9 - Clovers & Novel Progress

Hi everyone!

I wrote an article about Clovers, a fun, art, nerdy, game that uses novel economics around the collection and generation of symmetrical end states of Othello (yes, you read that correctly).

What’s particularly interesting is how this model could potentially be used to build generic economies around alogrithms themselves. I would say this is one of my favourite uses of bonding curves out there atm. Enjoy!

For my book (“Hope Runners of Gridlock”), I’ve been writing steadily. Been doing a lot of revisions lately. Thus: it feels slow, but writing every day.

The lovely artwork you see was commissioned from Alida Loubser:

For concept art, I gave a handful of artists the synopsis and prologue and gave them free reign to sketch something. Really happy with how the first one turned out. If you are interested in participating, let me know.

If you are interested to follow along, here’s the tweet thread. I had fun making some music for this announcement!

That’s all for this edition. Heading to Japan soon, getting excited for Ethereum’s devcon5. I’ll be presenting on “New Markets In The Arts”. Looking forward to it.

As always: find time to see a sunset.