simondlr #26 - Neolastics: Liquid, on-chain, generative art.

What a very long, really short year it’s been. It’s been quite a blur, with days and months entwining themselves like a knot.

With the upheaval that 2020 wrought, it’s likely going to form a capstone in many people’s lives. Besides the strange, tough memories, rivers of life have changed course. I know friends who took this jarring moment as the opportunity to change gears in their life. For me, I lived alone, and learned to take myself on long walks, a habit I won’t soon relinquish.

Regardless, I think it’s still going to take some time to process it all.

Despite the upheaval, I’m proud of my novel that I released. I also released the second version of

The final project I released this year is Neolastics.

It’s an automated generative art project that allows collector to mint and destroy neoplasticism-inspired cubes of digital art.

Inspired by years of drafting ideas on autonomous artists, I finally launched my first project in this space.

Read more about it here:


The response has been overwhelming!

1175 have been minted (for a total of 427 ETH -> $464k).

733 have been destroyed, leaving 442 currently in circulation in the collection.

The automated reserve currently backing the collection is 97.413485 ETH ($105k).

It definitely surpassed my expectations and really happy to see everyone participate. 132 people currently hold a Neolastic piece.

To view it, check out the OpenSea Collection:

Jonathan Mann even made a song about a piece:


Fresh new links for the start of 2021.

“House of Citizens”

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of citizen assemblies as an additional check on legislatures. Scotland is considering it. Love it.

$FWB Seasons

The $FWB is experimenting with season in token communities. Really cool to see this. Think it fits well with the mashup between value creation + community spirit.

Commons Stack Case Study

Felix Fritsch did a great deep dive (PHD) on the ideas that the Commons Stack community is pushing forward: realigning incentives towards public goods.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Recently read Becky Chamber’s first book in her Wayfarer’s series. Really enjoyed it. It’s #cottagecore in space. Hygge sci-fi. Domestic cozy interstellar adventures. Sci-fi Galactic Animal Crossing.

Star Wars Fans React to Mandalorian

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people react with joy to stories. The season finale of the new Mandalorian had that in droves. Enjoy the joy from all the reacts.

That’s it! :)

Hope you enjoyed some safe, festive sunsets this holiday. May 2021 bring forth vaccines, abundance, and connections. I know there will be plenty of the latter once this all abates. There will at least be one such connection. After a year of not seeing my girlfriend (due to the pandemic + bureaucracies), I’ll finally get to see her again soon!