simondlr #12 - New Markets In The Arts #2: Generative Art Economies

Hello friends!

I got around to writing the second article in the “New Markets In The Arts” series: Generative Art Economies.

It is probably my favourite part of the whole series, because this is exactly where I would be working and playing in, full time, if I wasn’t writing a novel.

If you missed part #1, here it is: New Property Rights.

In the mean-time, the presentation these articles are based on, finally went live. I gave a condensed 20min version at Ethereum’s devcon5 in Osaka.

In novel news! I finished draft zero of ‘Hope Runners of Gridlock’. I’m so excited! The first draft is done. The last 4 days of writing was the best experience, downloading 10,000+ words onto paper. It was a joy in itself.

You can see my writing progress from when I started in June to finishing my first draft last weekend.

Out of curiosity, I also plotted the distribution of how much I wrote.

As you can see, on some days, you make ALL the progress. Very much like most things in life: be it running, programming or learning how to love better.

I’m heading into the first re-draft. Once that is done, I’ll definitely need some ‘beta readers’ to point gaping plot holes before getting an editor.

Looking forward to that! Looking forward to learning. Looking forward to sharing the story.

As always. Take time to enjoy a sunset.