simondlr #11 - New Markets In The Arts Pt. 1

Hey everyone!

At Ethereum’s devcon5, I had the privilege to give a talk on “New Markets In The Arts”. In transcribing it, it’s ballooned a bit. So, I’m breaking it down into three articles. The first one, I’m publishing today: focusing on experimenting with property rights.

Enjoy! New parts coming soon.

In book news, after being in Japan, I’ve gotten back into a good rhythm and still aiming to get a draft done by the beginning of next year. I’ve really felt it hitting a good stride as the characters started running the story, and I just get to sit back and write what they get up to. The first full draft is in sight.

I will also be working on another book once ‘Hope Runners of Gridlock’ is in draft/editing mode. Interest has been expressed in a compilation of my essays I’ve written over the past 5 years on blockchains, tokenization and crypto-economics along with updated commentary. I’ve collected roughly 32 essays that I want to combine & publish in this manner. It will also help me get to grips with the basic process of publishing e-books online (before tackling the process of publishing a novel).

As always. Take time to enjoy a sunset.