simondlr #10 - Japanese Narratives & New Markets In The Arts @ Devcon5

Hi everyone!

I’ve been travelling through Japan for almost a month. A wonderful country to explore! During this time I serendipitously bumped into Kevin Abosch, whereupon he shared me the narrative structure of Kishotenketsu. It’s a fascinating form of storytelling which I really enjoy. I digged deeper, wrote about it, and even wrote some Kishotenketsu:

I’m coming up towards the end of my trip with Ethereum’s devcon5 happening in Osaka next week. If you are around, please come say hi! I will be giving a talk on “New Markets In The Arts”, speaking about new forms of IP, generative economies and markets-as-medium. I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends and new.

I haven’t done much productive work the past few weeks, but I have been trying to write. It’s been much, much slower, but I have continued to write on my novel (getting close to 40,000 words).

That’s all for this content update!

As always. Remember to find time to watch a sunset!