simondlr #31 - NFT Storytelling (pre-Loot) & Delving into SVG NFTs

Hi friends!

What a crazy 2 months it’s been since my previous post. OpenSea, the largest NFT platform, posted a record $3.4 billion volume. Wild! During this time, there’s been so much exploration!

I also wrote 2 blog posts during this period.

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Fiction Using NFTs:

It describes different formats that projects have used to tell stories using NFTs: from direct literature NFTs, to projects like Jenkins The Bored Ape Valet. Coincidentally, I proclaim that there needs to be FAR more bottom-up storytelling using NFTs. A few days later, Loot (, launches, catalyzing a new era of bottom-up NFTs, telling new stories, and applying various kinds of bottom-up expansion packs! So, by now, some of these ideas have been flowing through NFT/web/VC zeitgeist, and this post might seem like it doesn’t cover new ground. Regardless, this is what I enjoy working on and playing. So. Enjoy!

The next blog I wrote was a technical break-down of all kinds of projects that were deploying fully on-chain SVG into NFTs:

Same as the previous post, along with Loot, many projects have since boomed into using SVG more broadly. Hoping, for those who are looking to learn, that they can find some inspiration. It’s a fun space to code in. A combination of code gold, generative art, and testing the limits of new infrastructure!

Hope Runners of Gridlock Audiobook Announcement!

As you might know, last year, I self-published my 1st novel: Hope Runners of Gridlock. Quite a few people have been asking for an audiobook version, and so, I got it commissioned, having worked with an amazing voice actor, Heather Nichols.

I am endeavouring to score the entire audiobook myself.

I gave myself 2 months to finish this alongside my business, and unfortunately, I haven’t progressed much at all. I will see how far I get. The date might get pushed out further, away from the one year anniversary of the novel. Nevertheless, it will come and super excited to produce it. Hearing Heather narrate it got me excited again about the story and its characters and I want to do them proper justice.


NFT Bezel via on-chain state

A simple idea. The NFT artwork automatically changes its display when the owner ALSO owns artworks from other certain collections. Mind-blowing variation and a lovely example of how having artwork exist in a shared computational substrate can automate these designs.

Build. More. Housing.

I’m unabashed YIMBY: building more housing almost always and invariably improves lives along so many vectors. This article nicely elucidates why.

A Pre-History of DAOs

DAOs, blockchain-native, internet-based organisations have shown promising bloom lately. Once the deathly strike that split a blockchain in two, it is now resurfacing in force. That being said, the era of internet-based organisations isn’t new. Kei Kreutler has an amazing deep-dive into cooperatives, gaming guilds, and what’s to come.

Positive Sum-Worlds: Remaking Public Goods

Much has also been said about blockchain teams building new public goods. In this article by the squad of Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, and Sam Hart, explore what public goods can mean: building for positive externalities.

Asphalt Tags

New York is a dream for any city nerd. One such small innovation that are littered all throughout it, are asphalt tags. A simple solution to keep track of road maintenance.

You might notice I’m posting more urban/zoning/city content lately. It’s hard not to. Being embedded and living in New York has sparked so much reading and thought, that it’s been hard to turn off. It’s a joy to walk its streets and listen to audiobooks about what makes New York, and cities tick. More on this in the future. :)

Lastly, for fun, I had the privilege to recently watch Jacob Collier play live. What many would consider, the musician’s musician. An extremely joyful and wonderful person making music that not only delights the avid musician, but still bops. Hard.

This video was a nice summary and perhaps also a good life metaphor. Sometimes things in a moment might not make sense, but it’s merely because the next consequence has not happened yet.

Every note can work in any chord.

Have a great sunset, friends!


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